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Intentional Motherhood Circles
- commitment sheet -

Image by Muhammed Kara

Our values and commitment to one another in this space:

o Practice deep and active listening, offering each other time to share without interruption.

o Try your best to attend each meeting throughout the 5 week session and to be on time as much as possible. Respond with grace and understanding when ourselves or others are late or unable to attend for various reasons.

o Honor the rule of “no fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight” during our time for discussion and sharing - there is no end goal.

o Leave space for all voices to share. Sometimes this looks like offering a pause after others or ourselves speak. The quiet can feel awkward or uncomfortable, but it is a companion that accompanies us in finding our truest ability to listen deeply and speak from the heart.


Feel no obligation to share, but know that our time is made richer by what you contribute.

o Speak for ourselves and offer reactions rooted in gratitude and connected to our own experience.

o Respect the privacy of group members by keeping personal sharing confidential.

o As we go, keep each other in our hearts and thoughts, with a freedom to reach out to each other between meetings.

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