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Week 5 Reflection

Image by Annie Spratt

Group Share

Motherhood As the Hero's Journey

“The truth is that motherhood is a hero’s journey. For most of us it’s not a journey outward, to the most fantastic and farthest-flung places, but inward, downward, to the deepest parts of your strength, to the innermost buried core of everything you are made of but didn’t know was there.” — @youracquaintancejessiklein // “I’ll Show Myself Out”

This week, you are encouraged to bring a piece of wisdom to share with the circle. It could be a quote, a poem, a short post, a song, something you wrote while journaling, something your child or a friend said - really, nothing is off limits! Also, please don't overthink it and it's 100% okay if you don't have space to think about something to share with the group.

As a prompt or reflection (if helpful), you might consider the idea of motherhood as a hero's journey. What travels has motherhood taken you on - the "inward, downward, to the deepest parts of your strength"- adventures? Is there a core part of you that you have discovered in the journey that perhaps you didn't realize was there before? What positives or strengths have you discovered?

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